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SO. During the Ɯну, уσυ ℓιттℓє Rαѕcαℓѕ! event in Ten Forward, Magneto is going to hit the joy of Mutant puberty.

Because I'm an evil mun is why.

SO. His powers aren't going to work until around June 10th/11th and then going to very intermittently manifest until the conclusion of the plot. His normal permissions post explains his powers as an adult and I cannot stress how much I would like people to fill it out. But for this event is powers are going to be more basic - and more complicated. You see for years, Marvel flirted with the idea that Magneto is a latent telepath. I find this fits, though it's not something I often play with outside of a couple PSLs. During this event however, since his powers are manifesting, he's going to get little jolts. Once the plot is over, his powers go back to normal (so any telepathic ability he has is once again locked up, which him getting occasional rare flashes of emotion and nothing more.

For this event I've set up a temporary perms post for the event:

    Can Magneto accidentally yank/pull/twist/jerk on a metal object your character is wearing/has implanted/is carrying?:

    Can Magneto purposefully yank/pull/twist/jerk on a metal object your character is wearing/has implanted/is carrying?:

    Can Magneto accidentally break tech your character is using?:

    Can Magneto accidentally shock (such as a strong static shock to mild electric shock) your character?:

    Can Magneto purposefully shock (such as a strong static shock to mild electric shock) your character?:

    Can Magneto accidentally attack your character by means of shocking or hurling metal objects?:

    Can Magneto purposefully attack your character by means of shocking or hurling metal objects?:

    Can Magneto accidentally get a telepathic read of your character's thoughts/emotions/memories?:

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Another preferred means of contact: komikbookgeek
Character's Full Name: Magneto | Max Eisenhardt
Character's Canon: Marvel Comics 616
Character's Journal Name: magnetic_magpie
What would you like your character's tag to be?: magneto
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What to play out a private message? Meeting? Leave a letter or a note? Here is your place to do so.
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Sexuality Headcanon Meme

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Assume all answers are anonymous, as Magneto wouldn't answer them if they could be traced to him - as he is that private.
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When they were attacked in the Ukraine, things basically played out as they did in canon - everything up to this point is the same as in 616. HOWEVER, Max found Wundergore shortly after Magda had left and therefore: the twins. He tried to take care of them, with Bova, but she recognized that really, he could barely take care of himself, much less two infants. Herbert Wyndham (The High Evolutionary) and Bova offered to put them in stasis for a while, to allow Magneto to grieve his wife and their first child, to get himself on stable footing, so that he could parent the twins.

After a couple years, he made his way to Israel, in much better shape than when he arrived in 616 and while he did work at the hospital, he was also going to university at The Technion - the Israeli MIT really. During his time in the military (for citizenship, which was five years, not three back then) his powers became noticeable and he was shifted into Aman, military intelligence. He was codenamed Michael there (having gone by Max until then) and eventually it became his public name. His branch of Aman worked heavily with R&D and there were other mutants and those with powers, all working together for the security of the country.

Michael, after his five years and then another term in the IDF, started working unofficially with Mossad which teaching at The Technion. He did however, go in the field - which for him was South America. There he met a young woman named Isabelle, a doctor. They fell in love other the next two years. During one of his last trips to Brazil, they were attacked by his American contacts, his work with the Mossad and their hunting - and capture - of American protected Nazis who where passing on info about Russian forces prompted retaliation. An attempt on both their lives. Michael managed to get both himself and Isabelle to relative safety - though Isabelle suffered a near fatal slash to her throat. She lived in this verse but was badly injured, left with some permanent damage to her voice and heavy scars. She returned to Israel with Michael, neither of them leaving the protection of the country for several years.

However, Michael still continued to work. And using his position and contacts to smuggle mutants into Israel, placing them with families he trusted and them being adopted because Israel was actually safe for mutants. They were citizens, they were protected, etc.

About fifteen years after he finished his IDF service (in the early 80's), he went back for the twins and raised them with him in Israel and was actually a decent father, even if he occasionally had to have it slapped into him to be more attentive to the needs of the children. He had been very much there until they were in grade school - then he just would have a few months here and there where there were a lot of babysitters and much shuffling around, of schedules. Still, while he was far from a perfect father, he was a good one. When the twins were sixteen, Isabelle passed away from natural causes - but those related to her old injury. Michael grieved deeply the loss of the second great love of his life and while he'd never really forgiven the American's for her injury, this cemented his low level hatred for the country.

The twins went on to serve their time in the military, Pietro leaving after three years, Wanda staying and studying with the same group who Michael had trained with - but both married in their early twenties, Pietro having a child before his sister. And it was soon after Wanda gave birth that Michael's world was rocked - a woman he'd been having a relationship with was now pregnant. Despite being in his 70's, Michael was still physically very capable of chasing after small children - and didn't seem to be aging as he should have (which was a combination of his powers and magical work done by his colleagues), his career stable and not often taking him outside the country, compared to the young woman who were just starting her career, so once the child was born, he took over primary custody of his youngest child, a daughter Lorna.

(And this is mostly because he was safe and actually MANDATED into therapy. FUNNY HOW THAT HELPED).

At the point he's winked into ten forward by Q, he's older than his canon counterpart by nearly ten years, Lorna only seven.


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